The strategy of FEAR.ACADEMY is to provide a platform of education and free-speech, that provides opportunities to open your mind, see yourselves, and the views of others, before you save or sell out your soul.

You derive that sell from your programming. You deserve way more, like honesty and pride in who you are and understanding your creator. We who work hard are now threatened by lethargy, apathy, submissive compliance and false information appearing real, FEAR PORN and pushed by the powerful media in lockstep with the oligarchs of the NWO........

God Bless


September 18, 2021, WAS AN EPIC MOMENT, when Imre (Jim) Torma, the People’s Party of Canada Regional Coordinator for Southwestern Ontario & GTA West, stands up and speaks out for the 15,000 plus Canadian People at the WORLD-WIDE FREEDOM RALLY, in Queens Park, Toronto. Canadians are standing together STRONG & FREE in the fight against Global Tyranny imposed by the government.

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FACT vs. FICTION - False Evidence Appearing Real…
These times are not just waking people out of stupor but, people are slowly witnessing their extra sensory perceptions heightened and their boundlessness revealed. There is much that is kept from people especially as education is a wasteland of Marxist dumbing down. What happened to cold fusion? Cold fusion would convert all waste into energy including nuclear waste.

GIVE THOUGHT TO THE IDEA many people are listening to the "facts" of the political class, media and draconian government tyranny, and learning to be led down the path to their own demise. People are knowingly allowing themselves to be kidnapped, then put into secret quarantine isolation facilities "CALLED HOME," to then look into the mirror, to see they stand in the New Normal League called the "Sheeple."